Allan Donald has revealed making some changes to Bangladesh’s T20 World Cup squad.


Allan Donald, the Bangladesh pace bowling coach hints at making few changes to their World Cup squad. The cut-off date for changing a teams’ roster is October 14th and team management will convene tomorrow following their last game against Pakistan in this year’s tri series before deciding on who’ll be part of it going forward.

Soumya Sarkar is likely to be included in the squad for Bangladesh’s tour of New Zealand, despite his recent struggles. The left-arm fast bowler made 23 against Australia on Wednesday after being reinstated by management following an inspired performance with both bat and ball during that match which saw him take four chances given out but successfully capture two wickets at important times while scoring 12 runs not bad either! This marks something special as it has been quite some time since any player managed all these achievements within such confined period.

Shoriful Islam, who was not selected in the World Cup squad but impressed team management with his bowling during two matches against UAE and now has been invited to join Bangladesh’s tour of Australia. If he makes it onto this 15-man list then either Mohammad Saifuddin or Ebadat Hossain might need some extra preparation time before they depart as well – something that Donald addressed at Christchurch press conference on Wednesday when asked about potential changes for these upcoming fixtures following recent injuries within their playing eleven. If picked by selectors then there could be another explanation behind why additional bowlers were brought along because after all we do have plenty more days left until departure date arrives

Bangladesh had three different opening pairs in their matches against Pakistan, New Zealand and Australia. They opened with Mehedy Hasan on Wednesday against the Black Caps while opting for an all-pace attack at other times of need; he was joined by Sabbir Rahman who has been struggling lately but is back into form now so expect them both to take some wickets when it matters most! The team also brought Liton Das up from number 3 this time around – his first appearance since July 27th 2020 due mostly because there have not really been any replacements after him yet Shakib Al continues.

“I know that picking the World Cup team is not an easy job and you want to be dead-right about it,” he said. Talking of his bowlers, Donald noted how they needed more proactive behavior from them when facing Shakib Al Hasan in order for New Zealand’s batsmen not get too comfortable against Bangladesh during this year’s tournament—especially with regards towards scoring runs off balls pitched outside off stump or around middle/leg territory where there isn’t much movement offered by either bowler unless things change drastically overnight before tomorrow morning Heat map analysis showed us what might happen if these guys struggle early but then compose themselves later on”

“I would like to be more clinical and accurate in pressure situations, especially when bowling late into an existing total. Ebadat was good today but I want that same precision from myself tomorrow against Pakistan,” he concluded after discussing Twenty20 cricket with his captaincy coach.”