Kane Williamson Unfazed About Lack Of “Favourites” for NZ

Kane Williamson Unfazed About Lack Of "Favourites" for NZ
The Kiwis are in preparation for their journey to the World Cup. They'll play two warm-up matches before taking on South Africa and India, both of which will be played October 17th through 21st inclusive - this means there's almost three full days where you can watch your favorite player shine!

New Zealand's recent success in limited-overs cricket has come at a cost. The team, who last year lost to Australia for the T20 World Cup final and are now going up against England once again this time around have been unable find favour with fans after failing yet another close shave - this time just 0 anymore runs away from taking home victory. Captain Kane Williamson says they “don't really have choice" when it comes what people call them following their silverware haul back home; but there is still hope left as New Zeeland can boast about having achieved something no other nation

New Zealand captain Williamson is excited to get back into the thick of things after his side's successful World Cup last month. He says they have been focusing on what their team wants rather than someone else’s expectations, adding "we're here now" when asked about how far it has taken them so far in life as cricketers."

New Zealand have a long history of success at ICC events. They are considered one-of-a kind when it comes to reaching finals in any sport, especially tournament sports like cricket and football (soccer). The Black Caps were able rank third or better both times during the last two World Cups as well while winning their own version called "The Test Championship."

Kiwis were looking forward to winning the prestigious T20 World Cup but they ended up as runners-up after losing against Pakistan in what was said by many people, including myself would have been an easy victory. The team has had quite a few favourable results recently such as series wins over West Indies and India respectively; however this latest defeat will not be forgotten anytime soon  especially considering how close it really came for them!

New Zealand will play two warm-up matches before the main tournament, one against South Africa and India on October 17. They then host Australia in their opening game of this year's carnival at Eden Park Stadium later that same week (October 22).