Cricket Betting Techniques to Lessen the Risks of Losing Bets

Cricket Betting Techniques to Lessen the Risks of Losing Bets
A sound cricket betting strategy that is effective for you is essential if you want to consistently win when you bet on cricket. In this tutorial, we go through some of the best cricket betting tactics as well as a few unique T20/IPL betting tactics.

Why Is a Successful Cricket Betting Strategy Important?

Cricket is becoming more and more popular, but it's not just because it's a stunning sport; it's also because it offers bettors a wide range of betting opportunities. The top cricket betting sites provide fair odds on a variety of wagering options, including straight bets (such as Match Winner and Outright Winner), player bets (such as Top Team Batsman/Bowler, Man of the Match), team bets (such as Win Toss, Over/Under [x] Number of Runs, First Innings Score), and in-play bets (Method of Dismissal, Runs to be Made off the First Delivery).

No of the style of bet—single, double, or acca—a successful cricket betting strategy, well, ensures (or establishes the basis for) winnings.

Betting Strategies

Although the techniques described here can be used at the highest cricket competitions worldwide, keep in mind that they require specific conditions in order to be successful. Some cricket betting tactics that we believe to be highly unpredictable and unscientific have been left out because they may very well produce more loses than wins.
Dogon Strategy

The Dogon approach is more well-liked among beginners because it is entirely mathematical.

It is built on the idea of "playing catch-up," in which you increase your bets at each round to make up for whatever losses you suffered in earlier rounds. Continue doing this until you have achieved the expected earnings in addition to recovering your first bet's loss.

Please keep in mind that Dogon is a simple cricket betting technique that can be useful in the short term, but if utilized carelessly, it could result in financial ruin in the long run. This is due to the strategy's reliance on ideal circumstances and the presumption that a bettor's bankroll is limitless, both of which we know to be false.

Flat betting

How can a newbie bet on cricket improve their chances of winning? The solution is flat betting, a straightforward, mathematical cricket betting approach designed to be successful for new bettors.
The idea behind "flat" bets is that every stake has the same value, regardless of how many you place.

The best cricket betting method for reducing risk and making sure your bankroll doesn't diminish dramatically over time is flat betting.


Another bankroll-based cricket betting technique that is primarily advantageous to new bettors. The "percentage of bank" strategy aims to reduce losses and risks much like flat betting does.

To make this work, though, each wager you make must be equal to a predetermined portion of your bankroll.

Conservative (1-2% of bankroll), moderate (3-5%), aggressive (6-10%), and chaotic (= or > 10% of bankroll) are the most popular slabs.

Key takeaways

First and foremost, you need to maintain discipline and always bet properly. Learn every single cricket wager there is like the back of your hand.
Look around to see if there are any free bets or welcome offers you can take advantage of.